We comply with laws and other standards regarding personal information protection, and promise to handle the personal information of our customers properly and in accordance with the following items.

1. Management of Personal Information

We strive to protect the personal information in our possession by taking appropriate safety management measures in accordance with laws, guidelines, and internal corporate rules in order to prevent leaks, loss, or destruction of personal information. In addition, our employees are trained in the proper handling of personal information to absolutely ensure protection.

2. Obtaining Personal Information and the Purposes of Use

  • (1) We use appropriate methods to obtain personal information from our customers. Also, when we intend to obtain personal information, and it is directly offered from customers in writing or on the internet, we clearly express the purpose of using the personal information. However, we sometimes do not fully disclose the purpose of use when it is clear due to circumstances at the time the information is provided.

  • (2) We use personal information only to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes.

    (a) For confirmation of requests for purchased and registered products and services and their delivery

    • 1)To confirm purchase of a product as well as its delivery
    • 2)To confirm applications for events as well as delivery of tickets, etc.
    • 3)To confirm applications for e-mail distribution services as well as to distribute e-mails
    • 4)To confirm registration for member services as well as to provide services
    • 5)To send thank-you messages, etc. to those participating in surveys
    • 6)To send prizes or other items won in sweepstakes or prize contests.
    • 7) To conduct promotions with information on artist releases or events

    (b) To provide or improve products or services used by the customer, or to develop new services

    • 1)To improve customer satisfaction of products, services, websites, etc.
    • 2)To customize products, services, websites, etc. to individual customer preferences
    • 3)To survey customer satisfaction regarding information, products, etc. ordered by customers
    • 4)To understand customer usage and aid in the improvement of services or the development of new services

    (c) To deliver information regarding products and services we provide

    • 1)To deliver information regarding events we are involved in.
    • 2)To deliver information regarding services including member services
    • 3)To request participation in surveys or report on survey results
    • 4)To provide music according to the user's tastes and preferences, etc., which includes the delivery of behavioral targeting advertisements
  • (3) When acquiring personal information by business succession due to mergers, splits, or transfer of business, we will use personal information to the extent agreed upon by customers prior to the succession, or to the extent necessary to achieve the notified or published purposes of use.

  • (4) Personal information may be acquired or used without the prior consent of customers and for purposes outside of the aforementioned items when such acquisition or use is based on law, or is necessary to protect human life, physical well being, or assets, or in order to cooperate with government authorities.

3. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

Apart from the following cases, we will not provide personal information to third parties.

  • (1) We have received prior permission from the customer to share personal information
  • (2) To achieve the purposes of use, we provide personal information to a contractor that we properly oversee.
  • (3) We acquire personal information for the purpose of providing it to a third party, and are in a position to inform of the requestor of the said purpose, the types of items being provided, the means of provision, and stop requests, or these are easily known.
  • (4) It is difficult to get agreement from the customer and providing personal information is necessary to protect human life, physical well-being, or assets
  • (5) Based on laws and regulations, we are ordered to provide personal information by a governmental organization, local government body, or a party entrusted by those entities
  • (6) We are providing personal information as part of a merger, split, or transfer of business, etc.

4. Sharing of Personal Information

  • (1) We sometimes share information with the following companies, to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use of personal information, and in order to provide comprehensive services to our customers.

  • (2) The personal data that we share is as follows.

    Name, gender, age, birthdate, occupation, address, telephone number, e-mail address, product or service purchase history, survey or sweepstakes responses

  • (3) Party responsible for shared use of personal information

    AWA Co. Ltd.

5. Posting Personal Information to Message Boards, etc.

Among our services, we provide a playlist description column function for customers to make posts. Personal information disclosed by the customer in the playlist description column or elsewhere may be viewable by other users, so please take sufficient caution.

In addition, our website may sometimes include links to external websites. Please be aware that we take no responsibility for how personal information is used by these other websites.

6. Procedure for Inquiries Regarding the Disclosure of Personal Information

  • (1) We ask our customers or their representatives to contact us via the below point of contact should they desire to correct, add, or delete their personal information. For member information that customers registered online, customers themselves can correct or add their personal information.

    Please contact us below concerning personal information on this website or for other issues related to personal information:
  • (2) When making inquiries, please be aware that we may ask to confirm the identity of a customer or a customer’s legitimate representative. For those wishing to disclose or correct information, please contact us for the procedures to do so.

  • (3) Please be aware that we may not be able to respond to requests in any of the following circumstances.

    • (a) We cannot confirm the identity of a customer or a customer’s legitimate representative
    • (b) We receive a request to disclose, modify, add, delete or cease using personal information not related to the personal data held by us
    • (c) Disclosing the personal data held by us may bring harm to the lives, physical well-being, assets, or other rights or interests of the customer or a third party
    • (d) Disclosure of a personal data held by us may materially hinder the proper execution of our business.
    • (e) Disclosure of personal data held by us may violate other laws.
    • (f) We have received a request to correct or add individual data held by us, and a correction is not necessary based on the purposes of use, or the request is not factual
    • (g) A violation of our procedures (use or acquisition outside of the purposes of use, or provision to a third party for reasons other than those in 3.1 to 3.6) cannot be allowed for a request to delete or stop the use of individual data (“use stoppage”) held by us.
    • (h) In the event of a request for use stoppage concerning personal data held by us in which said use stoppage is difficult and it is possible to protect the rights and interests of customers via alternative methods
  • (4) We may record the content of customer calls to the above point of contact in order to check the facts of the call and improve the accuracy and quality of the responses we provide to customers.

7. Handling of Personal Information on Our Website

  • (1) Cookies

    Cookies are information sent by web servers to customer browsers so that customers can use websites
    more easily. We sometimes use cookies for customers accessing our website. Customers may elect to set
    their browsers to reject cookies, but please be aware that doing so may render all or portions of the
    services provided on our website inoperable.

  • (2) Protection of personal information on linked websites

    We are not responsible for the handling of personal information on linked websites that we do not manage.

8. Revisions

We may modify this privacy policy in accordance with changes to laws and other matters.

Date of Last Revision: July 16, 2019

AWA Co. Ltd.